Alexandra Amalie of Brandenburg (2 October 1665 - 12 May 1697) was a Brunanter princess by marriage. A Margravine of Brandenburg by birth, she married Crown Prince Marten in 1685, but died before he ascended the throne in 1709.



Born in Berlin (present-day Germany), Alexandra was born to Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg and his first wife, Countess Louise Henriette of Nassau in Berlin. She was their first and only daughter to survive infancy.

Her older brother Frederick would later become the first King in Prussia. Alexandra was a maternal cousin of William III of England.

Marriage in BrunantEdit

At the time, Alexandra was considered a beautiful woman and in 1685, she was married to Crown Prince Marten of Brunant at the St. Peter's Cathedral in Grijzestad. The couple had five children:

  • Princess Justina (1687-1721)
  • Prince Felix (1689-1692)
  • Prince Felipe (1691-1691)
  • Princess Diana (1693-1694)
  • Princess Isabella (1697-1786)

Alexandra was often very ill after giving birth, and in 1697, she died after prolonged sicknesses. None of her sons made it past infancy. Her husband would remarry twice, with Louise of France and Martine Van Neyt.

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