Brunanter People's Party
BPP logo
Abbrevation BPP
Chairperson Wilhelm Gent
Deputy chairperson Johan Lierten
Founded 2010
Dissolved 2019
Ideology Right-wing populism
National conservatism
Spectrum Right-wing
Brunanter politics
Close to CDU, CvB
Far from SLP, SD, YES
European affiliation MENF

The Brunanter People's Party (Dutch: Brunanter Volkspartij), abbreviated BPP or BVP, was a political party in Brunant, supporting right-wing populism, national conservatism and euroscepticism. The BPP was founded by former FLP member Wilhelm Gent, who led the party from 2010 until its dissolve in 2019.



The Brunanter People's Party was founded in June 2010 by political independents and defectors from other parties, including the Christian Democratic Union, the Free Liberal Party and the Centre Democrats, looking to found a party based on the rights of the people while also retaining a nationalist and conservative ideology. The party has maintained opposition to the use of the euro and Brunant's membership of the European Union, which has allowed it to get traction among some voters. Its main co-founder was Wilhelm Gent, who was a member of the House and Senate from the 1950s on. He was chairman of the BPP from its foundation until its dissolve. Chris Linard was the party's first deputy chairman.

Gent did not stand in the 2013 general election, but deputy chairman Johan Lierten was elected to the House of Representatives. As the BPP's only representative, he was their house leader. Lierten previously worked at the cabinet of FLP minister Reinier Vervoort.


Following the 2017 general election, the party won two seats, with Lierten remaining house leader. Newcomer to the House was Johanna Marksen.

The party has often been compared unfavorably to the Brunant Conservatives, but the BPP opposed the heavily free market oriented plans of CvB, instead favoring a maintenance of the social safety net, and tended to have a more positive view on religion, with more socially conservative viewpoints than the Conservatives, causing it to attract more religious conservative voters. The BPP, however, struggled to gain a large representation in the House, unlike similar parties in Europe, perhaps due to the presence of the Christian Democratic Union, which has for the most part successfully held its traditional base due to its more conservative viewpoints compared to similar European parties.

In early January 2019, Johan Lierten resigned as deputy chairman and gave up his seat in the House. He was replaced in both functions by Mark Giannini. Johanna Marksen succeeded him as house leader. One week later, he joined the Brunant Conservatives. His sudden and unannounced switch to the Conservatives was called "treacherous" by BPP founder and chairman Wilhelm Gent.

The BPP only received 0.48% of the votes in the February 2019 election. In December 2019, the party was eventually dissolved.

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