Janowicz Place
Janowicz Place
General information
Type Office building
Location Koningstad, Cape Cross Parish
Construction started April 1987
Completion March 1992
Roof 480 feet (146 meters)
Technical details
Floor count 40
Elevators 4
Design and construction
Owner Delta Group
Architect Art Somerbosch
Constructor Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

Janowicz Place is a large and modern office building located in the Business District of Brunanter capital Koningstad. The Janowicz Place was the tallest building in Brunant, at 480 feet (146 meters) high, until being surpassed by The Spire in November 2011 (topped out at 223 meters in February 2013). The building is named after the Franco-Polish engineer who laid out modern Koningstad, Victor Janowicz. It houses several government offices, corporate headquarters and a few embassies, though most of the offices are for sale.


3 Van Horne Avenue used to be the site of a low-rise, six-story office building built in the 1930s. The Central Bank of Brunant wanted to construct a new headquarter on the site (1970s), but as demolition was taking place they backed out over the huge costs involved.

A consortium of companies led by Delta Group put forth another plan for the site in 1981: a 50-story office/administrative building. The city of Koningstad eventually agreed to the plan but rising projected costs led Delta to reduce the height to 40 stories, still projected to be the talles building in the country. Construction of 3 Van Horne Avenue was won by American firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (now known for the Burj Khalifa). The design for the tower was done by architect Art Somerbosch. Construction began in the spring of 1987.


Floor Occupant Type
1 Reception
2 FOR RENT Office
3 FOR RENT Office
4 FOR RENT Office
5 FOR RENT Office
6 Embassy of Luxembourg Office
7 FOR RENT Office
8 FOR RENT Office
9 Maxi Group Office
10 Embassy of Ghana
Embassy of Chile
11 European Commission Office
12 Embassies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Office
13 FOR RENT Office
14 Embassy of Pintona Office
15 Le Pain d'Alain Office
16 FOR RENT Office
17 Julianan Embassy Office
18 FOR RENT Office
19 Koningstad City Offices Office
20 FOR SALE Office
21 FOR SALE Office
22 FOR SALE Office
23 FOR SALE Office
24 FOR RENT Office
25 FOR RENT Office
26 Embassy of Ukraine Office
27 Embassy of the Southern Arc Islands Office
28 FOR RENT Office
29 FOR RENT Office
30 FOR RENT Office
31 FOR SALE Office
32 FOR RENT Office
33 Jensen Architects Office
34 FOR RENT Office
35 FOR RENT Office
36 FOR RENT Office
37 FOR RENT Office
38 Scribe Paper and Gift HQ Office
39 FOR RENT Office
40 FOR RENT Office
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