2014-15 First League
Mediterranean FC logo
Champions Mediterranean FC
Runners-up Dortmund SFC
Relegated Aurora F.C.
Standard FC
Top goalscorer Sergio Cañete (23)
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2014 15 First League-0

2014 15 First League-0

The 2014-15 First League (known as the Vodafone First League due to sponsorship reasons) is the 99th edition of the Brunanter First League. The league will run from September 2014 to April 2015. Vodafone Brunant is the sponsor for the 2014-15 season.

Team informationEdit

A total of 16 teams contested the league, including 14 sides from the previous season and two teams which were promoted from the 2. Liga, Standard FC and Aurora F.C.. Brezonde 1920 F.C. and Sporting Markstad were relegated to the 2. Liga.

Team Chairman Head Coach Captain Shirt sponsor
Arabian FC Flag of Brunant Andreas Hansen Flag of Brunant Juan Elvira Flag of Brunant Alfred Kiessling SD Bank
Aurora FC Flag of Brunant Henk Kuipers Flag of Kemburg Andy Chappel Flag of Brunant Joshua Hamilton Rosetown Sentinel
Cape Cross FC Flag of Brunant Gert Henneman Flag of Brunant John Kirkley
Flag of Prasia Pedro Lanzano
Flag of Brunant William Jordans Volkswagen
Charlestown FC Flag of Brunant Stone Chandler Flag of Brunant Manuel Chandler Flag of Brunant Terry Jamieson De Grijzestad Bank
FC Donderar Flag of Cettatie Serge Sarnenko Flag of Spain Mauricio del Toro Flag of Brunant Andreas Koenjer MAPFRE
Dortmund SFC Flag of Qatar Hamid El-Mounir Flag of Brunant Jos Hepman Flag of Brunant Ibra El-Zein BBVA Brunant
FC Drenthe Flag of Lovia Terry Ranch Flag of Traspes Rodri Zapatero Flag of Argentina Alvaro Pezzini Brunant Air
Grijzestad Strijders Flag of Russia Mikhail Prokhorov Flag of Italy Roberto Bracciale Flag of Croatia Ivan Boksić Coca-Cola
Grijzestad University S.C. Flag of Brunant Warren Sheraldin Flag of Malta Otto Miorna Flag of Brunant Grant Sheffield De Arien
Helmond Raiders Flag of Brunant Ruben Vilhena Flag of Brunant Joseph Kingston Flag of Brunant Geoff Willard Veloz Megastores
FC Kings Flag of Brunant Mitchell van der Laan Flag of Brunant Matthias Bergmann Flag of Brunant Adrian Lopez
Mediterranean FC Flag of Brunant John Moreland Flag of Brunant Oliver Temple Flag of France Antonio Florente Maxi
Middleton Arrows Flag of Brunant Jasper Boscher Flag of Italy Pietro Bonello Flag of Brunant Jan Dankert Santander Brunant
Standard FC Flag of Brunant Andrew Kane Flag of Sweden Robert Marius
Flag of Brunant Harry Boyles
Flag of Strasland Mickael Lindgren Medina
St. Marks Koningstad Flag of Brunant Michael Steen Flag of Libertas Tim Bosman Flag of Brunant Mario Hoever The Cancer Society
FC Willemstad Flag of Brunant Peter Wostor Flag of Argentina Sergio Alfaro Flag of Brunant Anthony Elteman Bet999

Table and matchesEdit

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Pos Team Pld W D L GD Pts
1 Mediterranean FC 30 21 7 2 +30 70
2 Dortmund SFC 30 19 7 4 +39 64
3 Grijzestad Strijders 30 18 6 6 +24 60
4 St. Marks Koningstad 30 18 8 4 +23 60
5 FC Kings 30 17 5 8 +34 56
6 FC Donderar 30 16 7 7 +20 52
7 FC Willemstad 30 12 12 6 +4 48
8 Grijzestad University S.C. 30 8 12 10 +1 39
9 Cape Cross FC 30 9 11 10 -4 38
10 FC Drenthe 30 10 7 13 -5 37
11 Arabian FC 30 7 11 11 +4 32
12 Helmond Raiders 30 6 12 12 -17 30
13 Middleton Arrows 30 6 9 15 -22 27
14 Charlestown FC 30 5 2 23 -43 17
15 Aurora F.C. 30 3 6 21 -33 15
16 Standard FC 30 2 5 23 -53 11

Top goalscorersEdit

Player Club Goals
Flag of Traspes Sergio Cañete Mediterranean FC 23
Flag of Brunant Ibra El-Zein Dortmund SFC 19
Flag of Kemburg Mike Murray FC Willemstad 17
Flag of Malta Marco Miorna Grijzestad University S.C. 17
Flag of South Korea Park Il-Sung FC Donderar 16
Flag of Inselöarna Robin Nylund Dortmund SFC 15
Flag of Colombia Dario Montes FC Drenthe
FC Donderar
Flag of Brunant Mario Hoever St. Marks Koningstad 15
Flag of Traspes Patrick Gras FC Donderar 15
Flag of France Antonio Florente Dortmund SFC 15

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