The 2017 Ambrosian College Hostage Crisis was a hostage crisis that occured in 3 June 2017 at 14:50 when a two gunman held hostage 45 students and 13 faculty members located at Grafstad, Koningstad. Around 8 people were killed including the perpratrators, and it is speculated to have been linked with Operation GHOST, an SEDEF led operation to eradicate Islamist armed groups around the region.

Early on, one of the hostages were seen holding an flag of ISIL. One of the perpretrators then demanded to speak with Phaluhm PM Jorge Wannas and Brunanter PM Peter Wostor, however that was unsucessful.

In 7 June 2017, two suspects assoicated with the hostage crisis was arrested in Jehma, Ishytan Lassan, Harud after Brunanter police found links to a terrorist group based in Harud called the Freedom Fighters.

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