Adam Marshall
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Personal information
Full name Adam Marshall
Born 20 October, 1986 in Sint-Willemstad
Club information
Current club FC Willemstad
Position Defender
Club history
FC Willemstad 2003-present
National team
Brunant U20 2004-2006
Brunant 2009-present

Adam Marshall (20 October, 1986 in Sint-Willemstad) is a Brunanter footballer who plays as a defender for FC Willemstad. He plays with the number 3. Marshall was known to be the first defender to appear for the Brunanter national football team whilst playing in the 2. Liga. He has played for FC Willemstad since the start of his career.

Biography and career Edit

Early life Edit

Marshall was born in Sint-Willemstad to English-speaking Brunanter parents in 1986 as Adam Marshall. When Adam discovered football, he joined a local team at the age of five, amazingly brought up to the U12 team, due to being too good for the U6 team. After growing up, he left the club to trial with FC Willemstad. After getting through the trials and joining the youth team, the local football team that he played for as a young boy was renamed to FC Marshall. Adam eventually reached the main team, where he moved from his midfield role to a defensive role, as he was more of a defender himself. He is now currently playing as a top defender for the club and has currently won the Fans' Player of the Year award five times.

Recent life Edit

Marshall once had an opportunity to go to St. Marks Koningstad and five other undisclosed 1. Liga teams but he turned them down winning the Sint-Willemstad Loyal Player of the Year Award.

During a long two-month leg injury at the start of the 2012-13 season, Marshall started a part-time politics career outside football with the Green Party as he felt that Brunant having a stable government will also benefit the standard of the football players in Brunant. He is currently a member in the House of Representatives in Brunant and is looking to keep that role for a long time so he can also help the Brunanter people.

Personal life Edit

Adam Marshall is currently not married, but is looking to get married in the near future with somebody undisclosed who he has not released to the public yet. Marshall is of Barzuna origin because his mother comes from the Cape Cross Parish.

2016 Brunant squad
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