Adrianus Graf

Adrianus Graf (1506-1588) was a Brunanter hunter and nobleman and nowadays a legendary figure.


Graf was born in Donderstad in 1506 to the local blacksmith. Not much is known about his early life, but he befriended Anders I when he was still a prince. He quickly went up in social status. When Anders I became King, he made Adrianus a Baron for life. He discovered the roman ruins at Koningstad and founded the modern city. He married Beatrice Velmond in 1538.

An old and famous myth was that Graf and Mohamed Reis once fought each other in an epic duel, but this is impossible as El-Reis died 30 years before Graf was born.


Graf is remembered nowadays for being the namesake for the Adrianus Graf Chocolates. He is portrayed as a woodsman or hero and often compared to the legendary trio of El Reis and Mateus Brasefort. His critics say he was just a cruel ungentlemanly man who killed animals for sport and slept with whomever it pleased him.

Graf appeared on the 100 Thaler note from 1913-1986.

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