Alexander von Jungsburg

Alexander von Jungsburg (3 February 1890 - 15 October 1944) was the former Chief Prosecutor of Brunant during the Nazi German occupation of Brunant.

Early lifeEdit

Von Jungsburg was born to Wilhelm von Jungsburg and Gertie Heimler. His father was a minor nobleman although after 1918 they lost their lands due to communists. He was an enthusiastic Nazi who vowed to keep justice. He was eventually appointed as Chief Justice of Nazi Brunant by the authorities.

Chief JusticeEdit

Von Jungsburg did not like bad sentencing, so he sentenced carefully with Nazi ideology always in mind. However, he never liked Brunanters in court and usually was harsher.

Personal LifeEdit

He married Linda Schneider, daughter of Heinrich Schneider. They had a son, Freidrich von Jungsburg.

Later yearsEdit

In 1944 he was caught trying to leave the country and after a speedy sentence, he was summarily shot.

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