Anna von Avensburg (Official: Anna Van Roodhuid) (15 September 1891 - 21 November 1940), was a a member of the House Van Roodhuid by birth and House Van Zahring by marriage.


Early life and ancestryEdit

Countess Anna was born in Donderstad to Princess Olga and George von Avensburg; she is the couple's only daughter. Her mother was the princess of Hanover and Cumberland. Her father was from the House Van Roodhuid.


She studied at the Royal University of Koningstad from 1910-1919 and became a scientist. In 1920, she joined the Skavenjer. There, she met her husband, Stephen Van Zahring. He was her boss and secretly a conman and leader of the mafia.

Marriage and familyEdit

The couple had seven children:


It is said that she died mysteriously and could have had come to know of her husband’s shady life.


In Popular CultureEdit

Stephanie Herrenhausen played Anna van Roodhuid in the 2020 crime-thriller The Ruski Rogue

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