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The Association of Islamic Communities (AIC; Dutch: Associatie van Islamitische Gemeenschappen; Arabic: جماعة الاقوام الاسلامیة ) is a Brunanter religious and cultural association based in the Arabian Quarter of Koningstad. The AIC was founded in 1970.


The AIC helps run several mosques in Brunant, including the Koningstad Mosque, which is both the largest mosque in the country and a well-known landmark and touristic attraction. Adjacent to this mosque, the AIC runs a large cultural center, which organizes several cultural, educational and religious activities and events weekly. The center is located at 13 Varne Street in the Arabian Quarter of Koningstad, was built in 1997 and also houses the AIC's General Assembly.

Among the activities organized include lectures, language lessons, cooking, gardening and other crafts events, a poetry competition, the publication of a weekly Arabic-language newspaper, meetings with people of other cultural and religious backgrounds, celebrating religious holidays, etc.


The chairman of the AIC since 2013 is Rachid Boumaza and the vice-chairwoman since 2017 is Nadira Elyas. Main decisions are discussed by the General Assembly, consisting of fifteen members.

The AIC is associated with the Muslim Council for Cooperation in Europe.


The AIC can be reached at:

Association of Islamic Communities
13 Varne Street
34 33 784

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