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Banduriana (English: Bandurian music) is a Brunanter medieval music style originating in the 14th century and developed by the Barzuna people.


This music was developed by the Barzuna, the original Spanish-Brunanters, and was derived from earlier rondallas, such as by the 13th-century Guillem Castelles.

Bandurian music was primarily played on the bandor (a Brunanter bandurria) and was heavily influenced by medieval Spanish music; Bandurian music is often considered to be in the scope of medieval Spanish music.

It flourished from the 14th to early 16th century and would influence such styles like the fandango, the salto and classical Brunanter music up to the end of the 18th century, most notably composer Sebastian Cambert. Today, there has been a revival of the bandor and Banduriana music (e.g. Eric Camber).


Spanish medieval music (Banduriana)

Spanish medieval music (Banduriana)

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