Beatriz Navarro and Harriet Penrose

Navarro and her mother

Beatriz Navarro Penrose (born 12 June 1990) is an interior designer and socialite. Navarro is the daughter of Spanish-born investor Federico Navarro and former Miss Brunant Harriet Penrose.


Navarro studied at Eldridge Primary School in Koningstad, where she became a close friend of Queen Helene. She later studied at Fedde Laninga Middle School and Ambrosian College. Often the media has claimed that she and the Queen are best friends.

She studied some design at El-Reis Academy of the Arts and then founded her own company, NP Interior. Navarro was involved in a remodeling of the Realpaleis in early 2018.

Navarro was involved in a skiing accident in 2013, leaving her in a cast for some time. Navarro has worked with and is a friend of Sofia Martins, who along with the Queen and others form a group of well-to-do frinds referred to in magazines and newspapers as the Ambrosian gang.

In 2014 she married Portuguese-born Sérgio Neves, who is involved in motorcycle racing, formerly as a driver. They have two children: Mario (born 2012) and Martin (2016). Queen Helene and Prince Bernd were godparents to their second son.