City of Brunant
Coat of arms Brunantstad
Historical facts
Alternate name(s) Adrianstad
Founded 1416
Patron Saint St. Martin
Parish Brunant
Population 88,000
Mayor Nick Vandort (GP)
Postal codes 9000-9250

Brunantstad, commonly referred to as the City of Brunant, is the capital city of Brunant Parish, and the fourth largest city of Brunant. It has a population of 88,000, and consists of four neighborhoods. It is the political and administrative centre of the Brunant Parish. Several administrative and tourism buildings and structures are located in the city, which is one of the oldest throughout the country. The official patron saint of the city is St. Martin. The city is located at the southernmost point of Brunant.

An alternate name for the city is Adrianstad, which is often used by the Dutch citizens residing in the city. 46% of residents speak Dutch as their first language, whilst 42% of residents speak English as their first language. 12% of residents speak Other as their first language. The current mayor of Brunantstad is Nick Vandort, a member of the Green Party. The postal codes for the city are 9000-9250.


Brunants Markthall

Brunants Markthall

Brunant was originally the home of Marten Sneijder. He brought his family over from the Netherlands in 1416, and Brunant became a small hamlet. Sneijder was chosen by the Convention of Grijzestad as the president, so the capital was moved to Brunant to facilitate things. The Congress met at the newly built Brunants Markthall. After his death, the capital was moved back to Grijzestad. The pirate Mohamed Reis raided Brunant twice, in 1462 and 1469. Brunant was the site of a major battle during the Brunanter Civil War. In 1756, Brunant (and Bitburg Castle) became the first Brunanter territories to come under French control in the Franco-Brunanter War, only becoming liberated in 1758 by Hessian troops. Brunant prospered through the 19th century as the economy turned to cheap manufacturing. The 1930s Depression was especially hard-felt in Brunant, with high unemployment in the city and surroundings. In 1941 Brunant was occupied by the Germans; this would last until 1944 when it became the first town freed by American troops. Most of the American dead were later buried at the Brunant American Cemetery and Memorial.


Brunantstad Government
Party Seats
5 / 19
4 / 19
3 / 19
3 / 19
2 / 19
1 / 19
1 / 19

The 2018 election saw the election of one member of the new centrist Brunanstad Nu! (Brunantstad Now) party, who helped elect only the second ABB government in Brunant.

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  • Ireland flag Cork, Ireland
  • France Calais, France

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