Business District

Business District

The Business District is a neighborhood of Koningstad, Brunant. It has been the financial center of the country since the 1870s. From the 20th century on, several large buildings were constructed here, with the Central Bank's building, built in 1910, being the first skyscraper in Brunant. Many of the tallest buildings in the country can be found here, with the three tallest being locate in the Business District.


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*1 Open Foods
1 Darnant Avenue
*2 Plaza Koningstad
2 Darnant Avenue
SD Bank Building
1 Duithers Street
*3 2 Duithers Street
Modena Bridal
2 Duithers Street
Koningstad Beach Mediterranean Sea
Ice Network
7 Van Horne Avenue
The Spire
5 Van Horne Avenue
Janowicz Place
3 Van Horne Avenue
Victor Janowicz Station
Ocean Apartments
Unie Spaarbank
1 Van Horne Avenue
Van Horne Avenue
Dial Tower
4 Van Horne Avenue
Van Horne Park Lovian Apartments
2 Van Horne Avenue
Dale's Donuts
3 Varne Street
La Republica
1 Varne Street Autogo logo
Varne Street
Libertan Embassy
8 Varne Street
6 Varne Street
Central Bank
The War Room
4 Varne Street
2 Varne Street
3 Darnant Avenue
INSTAT Brunant
4 Darnant Avenue
De Arien Group
De Arien Building
3 Duithers Street
SD Bank
4 Duithers Street
Caroman Avenue
Coat of arms Koningstad
Quarters of Koningstad

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