Carlinhos (born Luis Carlos Menezes Junior, 2 August 1990) is a Brazilian-Brunanter footballer who plays for Real Alcacer as a forward, but can also play as attacking midfielder.


Carlinhos was born to famous footballer Luis Carlos Menezes Acosta in Brezonde. Carlinho began his youth career with 2. Liga club Brezonde 1920 F.C. in 2005, who saw his talent when playing for the school team. He got his first professional start with Brezonde in 2008, when he was only 17. He netted only twice that season and failed to score in the following, but in 2010 he scored an impressive 13 goals. In the 2011 season, he managed 10 goals as well and attracted the attention of both the Grijzestad Strijders and St. Marks Koningstad. At the season's end, it was confirmed by Brezonde that Carlinho would be going to St. Marks. It was reported that the transfer fee was about €6,000,000.

Carlinhos trained with the Brunant national football team and he is on the shortlist for the squad going to the 2012 Micronations World Cup.

In 2014 he went to Real Alcacer in Traspes in a exchange with Sergio Valdés that wemt to St. Marks.

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