The Count of Drenthe (Conte van Drenthe) is a title of noblilty established by king Leuvis Van Damme in 1476 to Count Anthony von Herrenhausen. It has been conferred to the family Herrenhausen, who held the title until 1964. The current Countess is Wilhelmina Patrickson, eldest daughter of the previous count.

List of countsEdit

  1. Anthony von Herrenhausen (l. 1438-1504, 1476-1504)
  2. Philippus von Herrenhausen (l. 1466-1523, 1502-1523)
  3. Martin von Herrenhausen (l. 1497-1447, 1523-1557)
  4. Martin Philip von Herrenhausen (l. 1430-1600, 1557-1600)
  5. Manuel Mayrink von Herrenhausen (l. 1561-1628, 1600-1628)
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