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Department of External Affairs
Department of External Affairs logo.png
Formed 1910
Minister Adrian Vandreck
Headquarters TBD

The Department of External Affairs (Dutch: Departement van Buitenlandse Zaken) is a Brunanter government department tasked with overseeing foreign affairs and international relations. It is headed by David Andrade, representing the Christian Democratic Union. It serves as the government's communicator with the International Wiki Organisation, the European Union and the United Nations.


Of Brunant[]

Country Address Ambassador Image
(Honorary Consulate)
10 Rue Gamble
Inselöarna 1 Brunantsgatan, Wikiborg Michael Kinney
Juliana Via Andrea Franco 2, Pisona Marta Brand Brunanter embassy pisona.png
Kemburg 25 Sprimont Square, Kemburg City Dirk Bierten
Libertas 7 Zeeweg, Wikistad Hans Diedriks Embassy wikistad.png
Lovia 2 Cavour Avenue, Noble City Tania Figueras-Costa
Traspes Calle Esperanza 7, Alcacer Michael Benley Brunanter embassy Alcacer.png
France Rue Elzevir, Paris Eugenio Valmont Re elzevir embassy.jpg
Germany Mauserstr. Berlin Martin van der Ets Embassy mauserstr..jpg
United Kingdom 19 Belgrave Square, London Angela Bensley 19 belgrave.jpg

In Brunant[]

Visa requirements[]

Main article: Visa requirements for Brunanter citizens

List of ministers[]

Name Term of Office Party Government
Arthur Sherman 1957-1961 Social Democrats Van Buskirk
Gerard Bergen 1965-1973 Social Democrats Warson
Herman Nijman 1994-1998 FLP Jorgeson II
Willem van Donck 5 August 1998 - 16 May 2001 Social Democratic Party Michels I
Pieter Van Buskirk 16 May 2002 - 17 June 2005 Social Democrats Michels I
Michels II
John Martins 17 June 2005 - 3 November 2009 Christian Democratic Union Darnley
Pieter Van Buskirk 3 November 2009 - 1 May 2013 Social Democratic Party Helms
Wostor I
Peter Wostor 1 May 2013 - 14 March 2017 Green Party Wostor II
Pieter Van Buskirk 14 March 2017 - 10 January 2018 Social Democrats Van Buskirk I
Jazinta Benaid 10 January 2018 - 6 September 2018 Social Democrats Van Buskirk II
David Andrade 6 September 2018 - 16 May 2019 Christian Democratic Union Vandreck
Adrian Vandreck 16 May 2019 - present Christian Democratic Union Vandreck