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Department of Internal Affairs logo

Department logo from the 1970s

The Department of Internal Affairs (Dutch: Departement van Binnenlandse Zaken), prior to 1966 the Department of Internal Affairs and the Overseas, was a government department of Brunant in charge of overseeing internal affairs, national security and overseas affairs. The department existed from 1910 to 1984, whereby it was broken up and dissolved.

Precursor and formationEdit

The Department of Internal Affairs and the Overseas was founded in March 1910. It was seen as a successor to the Minister of the Interior, which in the 19th century and early 20th century oversaw interdepartmental affairs and other tasks such as census taking.

The department was initially tasked with overseeing areas not expressly under other departments and overseeing the affairs of Berrio, when it was declared an Overseas Territory in 1920.

In 1965, the department was tasked with managing the Starting in the late 1960s, the department became tasked with overseeing the National Police and ramped up its activities against Barzona Libre, which led BL to focus its operations against it. Eventually, this came to a head in July 1973, when Minister Wouter Ritter was assassinated by BL.

In 1984 the Henry Jorgeson government dissolved the department, together with the Department of Public Works, with portions going to form the Department of Transport and Communications, and other duties heading to Department of External Affairs (Berrio) and Department of Defense (the police).



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