Drake Schatzhoven

Drake Amadeus in 2011

Drake Amadeus von Ratzburg bis Schatzhoven (October 16, 1955) is the eldest son and third eldest child of Charlton Schatzhoven.

Mr. von Ratzburg bis Schatzhoven is a well-known politician, having joined the Socialist Left Party in 1989. He was married to Daisy (1961) from 1981 to 2013, when they divorced. Von Schatzhoven has three sons, Gunther (1982), Bernhard (1984) and Rudolf (1989) and four grandchildren.

Politically speaking, Drake Amadeus is a progressive democrat. His viewpoints are very leftist and modern in contrast to his father's. He moved to Niesburg in 1983 with his family. In 2009, he was elected mayor of Niesburg, defeating centrist incumbent Martha Campbell (of the Centre Democrats).

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