Esquedra Republicana na Barzona is a political party that was created by Aina Sarria in 2014. The name means Republican Left of Brezonde, in English. Esquedra Republicana supports republican movements and the creation of a Republic in Brunant again. ERB is a partner of Republican Initiative of Lovia.

In 2015 ERB is supporting the Avanze movement and Socialist Left Party and is organizing preotests in Brezonde. ERB has candidates in Cape Cross and Brezonde in the 2015 Municipal Elections. They got eight memebers in the municipal governments. They got 3 members in the Congress that were ex-members in SLP in 2016.

In 2016 ERB opposed the War in Phaluhm Phoueck, and in the same year it formed the Yes to the Future coalition with Avanze.

The Conseis Barzuno party Esquedra Social is affiliated with ERB.


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