First Lady of Brunant was an informal title for the wife of the President of Brunant.

Role of the First Lady Edit

The position of the First Lady is not an elected one, carries no official duties, and receives no salary. Nonetheless, first ladies have held a highly visible position in Brunant. The role of the First Lady has evolved over the centuries. She is, first and foremost, the hostess of the Presidential Residence. She organizes and attends official ceremonies and functions of state either along with, or in place of, the president.

Over the course of the 20th century it became increasingly common for first ladies to select specific causes to promote, usually ones that are not politically divisive. It has also become quite common for the First Lady to hire a staff to support these activities.

The position became effectively defunct in 2014 following the abolition of the office of the President.

List of First Ladies of Brunant Edit

There have been 22 first ladies in Brunant and one first husband (and future president). Jan Van Draak and Johan Meier were not married, and Silvia Van Damme's husband was killed some time before her entry in politics. There are five former first ladies which are still alive; Marina Houtman is the oldest at 86.

Picture First Lady Life Period President
Andrea Zeller Andrea Zeller 1750-1812 1784-1788 James Carrington
Samantha Burnside Samantha Burnside 1764-1840 1790-1802 James Carrington
Princess Victoria of Brunant Princess Victoria 1786-1838 1808-1809 David James Carrington
Virginia Wales Virginia Wales 1763-1828 1809-1828 Walter van der Ecke
Sofia della Torretasso Sofia della Torretasso 1784-1863 1838-1841 Hendrik Neyt
Princess Juliana of Brunant Princess Juliana 1795-1870 1841-1852 Alexander von Krupski
Martina Duithers Martina Duithers 1808-1879 1858-1864 Gerd Duithers
Catherine Van Buskirk Catherine Van Buskirk 1824-1908 1864-1876; 1882-1888 Filip Van Buskirk
Cecille Sneijder Cecille Sneijder 1831-1910 1876-1882; 1891-1903 Pieter Van Neyt
Barbara Greene Barbara Greene 1837-1916 1888-1891 Joseph Greene
Silvia Adams Silvia Adams 1856-1928 1903-1909 Walter B. Adams
Charlotte Ginsberg Charlotte Ginsberg 1861-1940 1909-1922 Stefanus Varne
Theresa Schulyer Theresa Schulyer 1877-1936 1928-1934 Maarten Dolmatoff
Giselle Latour Giselle Latour 1893-1976 1934-1941; 1945-1951 Willem Darnant
Theodora Van Eyck Theodora Van Eyck 1896-1967 1951-1959 Leuvis Van Eyck
Marina Houtman Marina Houtman born 1925 1960-1963 Leuvis Van Eyck
Elizabeth Holborn Elisabeth Holborn 1927-2019 1963-1969 Andrew Kirkley
Martha Cartwright Martha Cartwright 1917-1995 1969-1975 Steven Dort
Betty Koopman Betty Koopman born 1932 1975-1978 Eugen Sherman
Clarissa Biel Clarissa Biel 1929-2017 1984-1990 Gerard Donner
Gert Henneman Gert Henneman born 1960 1990-2002 Marta Ramirez
Marta Ramirez Marta Ramirez born 1959 2002-2011 Gert Henneman
150px Davina Rose born 1990 2012-2014 Gert Henneman
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