The Convention of Grijzestad

The Founding fathers (by Wilhelmus Veldsteen)

The Founding fathers (Dutch: Vaders van de natie) were the men who founded the first Brunanter state. Strictly, they are the people who attended the Convention of Grijzestad and signed the Declaration of Independence in 1427. Those who signed the Grijzestad Constitution are also considered in.

List of founding fathersEdit

Most of the people who met in Grijzestad were important officials, businessmen or noblemen. In total, there were 39 men. Many people inaccurately believe there were over 70 signers, as the famous painting by Wilhelmus Veldsteen shows that many. In reality, however, some of those were bystanders watching and many were just added to fill in space (the painting was made from memory and is quite inaccurate).

The Founding fathers were all Dutch and Spanish-Brunanters.

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