Gerald Henley
Gerald Henley 1
Minister of Education
Assumed office

3 November 2009

Prime Minister Robert Helms
Peter Wostor
Preceded by Maria Van Limburgh
In office

24 October 1998 – 1 November 2005

Prime Minister Ines Michels
Preceded by John Schlieffen
from Mariaberg Parish
Assumed office

12 April 2013

Preceded by Wilhelm Gent
Member of the House of Representatives
from Mariaberg Parish
In office

29 August 1995 – 12 April 2013

Preceded by Hendrik Thurmondt
Succeded by Adriana Rand
Personal details
Born 3 May 1951 (age 65)

Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom

Political party Social Democrat
Spouse(s) Mary Wright (m. 1979)
Children 3, including Lionel
Alma mater Grijzestad University
Christ Church, Oxford
Religion Anglicanism
Gerald Henley 2

James Gerald Henley (born 3 May 1951) is an Anglo-Brunanter politician currently serving as the Minister of Internal Affairs and Immigration until 7 September 2018, and the Senator from Mariaberg Parish as a member of the Social Democrats. Previously, Henley served in the House of Representatives and as the Minister of Education in the ministry of Ines Michels from 1998 to 2005.

Born in metropolitan London in 1951, Henley emigrated to Brunant as an adolescent in the early 1960's. After graduating from Christ Church, Oxford, he worked as an editor for the Cape Times from 1977 until his resignation from the company in 1990, becoming a non-partisan political activist in the wake of his break from the media.

He later joined the SDP in 1995 and was elected to the House of Representatives in the same year, gaining nationwide political notoriety after successfully managing the leadership campaign of then-backbencher congresswoman Ines Michels in 1998. He was later appointed as the Minister of Education following that year's general election but was scrapped after CDU leader Frederic Darnley managed to win the 2005 general elections.

Despite this setback, Henley continued to advance his political career outside of the Cabinet and was later re-appointed to the Department of Education in a joint Green-SDP coalition ministry after the 2009 general elections. In 2016 he ran for the party leadership after its former leader Gert Henneman resigned, finishing in fourth place and eventually endorsing Pieter Van Buskirk.


Gerald Henley business card

Henley was born in London to Brunanter immigrants, but returned to live in Brunant with his family shorty after. In 1995, he joined the SDP. In 1998, he became the Education Minister under the First Ines Michels government. In 2009, he was again appointed to the post in the Helms Government, and continues to serve in that position in the current government. He is known to be a major supporter of publicly-funded education and health care, to the chagrin of Sofia Andersen. Henley is known to be one of the best-rated politicians in Brunant, who is viewed as one of the most honest.

Despite over 20 years as a member of the SDP, he never considered going for the party leadership but was eventually pushed to run for leader in 2016, given he had received much support.

He eventually finished in fourth place, and backed Pieter Van Buskirk for the second round.

Personal lifeEdit

Gerald married in 1979 to Mary Wright. They have three children. Their son Lionel is an accomplished skier. He is a cousin of the actor Joseph Henley.