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Author Alexander Gray
Publication date 1994
Published by Token Books
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Hellraiser is a biography about film-maker Herbert S. Hosen written by Alexander Gray and first published in 1994 by Token Books.

Overview Edit

Hosen, born December 10, 1933 was a Brunanter film director, producer, screenwriter and editor who often performed many of these functions simultaneously.

In the 1950s and 1960s Hosen produced a staggering amount of low-budget genre films, then and now generally considered "bad". Still, his flair for showmanship and his surprising and lasting ability to attract well-known actors and even big name stars almost always made his projects slightly successful, earning him and his work a considerable cult following, aided by his evident zeal and honest love of movies and movie production.

Hosen died on October 10, 1972, from a heart disease at the young age of 39, which was, according to a friend, "completely natural, since he'd lived twice as fast".

The biography sheds light on Hosen, his life and his work, and helped to cultivate the film-maker's growing cult status.

Dutch version Edit

The Dutch version of the book, titled Herrieschopper, was released in 1996, with a different cover. It was translated by Gray himself.

Hellraiser Dutch cover

Cover for the Dutch version, Herrieschopper (1996).

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