Intelligence Office
Intelligence office logo
Agency overview
Formed 1957
Headquarters Koningstad
Employees 950 (2013)
Annual budget 17.200.000 € (2013)
Director Sebastian Camber

The Intelligence Office is the intelligence agency of Brunant, under the management of the Department of Defense. The IO, as it was known, was set up in 1957 during the Cold War. During the Cold War period there was much secrecy surrounding the organization and it was not officially acknowledged as a distinct spy agency until 1988. The IO largely became inactive with the fall of the Soviet Union and the hiding period of Barzona Libre in the 1980s.


The Intelligence Office was founded in 1957 under the Royal Guard during the height of the Cold War as a military intelligence bureau.

In 1991 the IO was downsized and reorganized as a civilian organization under the Department of Defense. The IO continues to work with the Royal Guard and Amphibious Tactical Forces as well as the National Police.

The most pressing issue the IO has dealth with has been the resurgence of Barzona Libre. The organization was criticized for being unable to deal with the 2003 Cape Cross bombing and 2006 Roodstad bombings, though they have been vital in preventing and resolving other dangerous situations, including hostage-takings, BL member arrests and attempted bomb threats.

Most recently the IO has been tasked to keep tabs on Burenian, Tagogese and Chvarqian activity in Brunant. They work with SISMA of Traspes, ILD of Libertas and other SEDEF nations.

Organization and dutiesEdit

There are presently some 950 people working in the Intelligence Office. The present duties include:

  • Overseeing the actions of foreign intelligence services/agents in Brunant
  • Taking action against extremist and illegal organizations
  • Taking action against terrorist organizations or individuals
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