James Giggs
Cape Cross Giggs poster
Personal information
Full name James Patrick Giggs
Born 4 July, 1987 in Grijzestad
Height 1.80 meters
Club information
Current club Cape Cross FC
Position Goalkeeper
Club history
Flag of Brunant Grijzestad Strijders 2007-2011
Flag of Brunant Chester FC 2011-2013
Flag of Brunant Cape Cross FC 2013-2014
Flag of Cettatie AS Cettatie 2014-present
National team
Brunant 2010-present

James Patrick Giggs (4 July, 1987 in Grijzestad) is a Brunanter football player and goalkeeper for AS Cettatie. He played from 2007 to 2011 with the Grijzestad Strijders but had few appearances. In 2011 he joined Chester FC and became the starting keeper. After a dismal season he joined Cape Cross FC in 2013 to become their captain.


Giggs played for Grijzestad from 2007 to 2011, making 22 appearances in cup, friendly and league matches. He found it hard to unseat Amadeus Kunter as starting keeper and subsequently left for Chester FC in 2011.

At Chester he helped the team along to promotion from the 2010-11 Second League season and played two seasons with the club in the first league. Giggs left Chester in 2013.

With an uncertain position at club level Giggs was hoping to join another team. A deal with Middleton Arrows fell through over Cape Cross' transfer demands and it was announced that Giggs would join AS Cettatie for 6 million euros, a rather high fee.

He was first selected to play for the Brunant national football team in 2010 and became the secondary goalkeeper, behind Anthony Elteman. In 2014, he has been replaced by young goalkeeper Nick van Kamp as number 2.

2016 Brunant squad
1 Elteman2 Capels4 Marshall5 Lecaros6 Jamieson14 Nadir8 Jostens (c)16 S. El-Zein12 Marzouk11 Hoever10 I. El-Zein9 Carlinhos13 Giggs23 Losinger24 Brunner15 NabilCoach: Bergher
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