Flag of Libertas

Flag of Libertas

The Kingdom of Libertas (Koninkrijk Libertas, or Libertas in Dutch) is a democratic monarchy in the North Atlantic Ocean, close to Ireland, Great Britain and France. It has a population of 1,362,107 as of 2015.


Libertas is divided into six provinces. Those provinces are controlled by a governor. The Libertan archipelago consists of ten major islands.


The Romans came to Libertas around the year 50 AD. After the fall of the Roman Empire there was an invasion of colonists from the Low Countries around the year 900 AD. In the 1500s, the French and English were in control until 1616, when the islands were freed in a revolution. The monarchy was overthrown in 1859. The republic was abolished in 2012 and Hendrik Holten became the new king.

Relations with BrunantEdit

Libertas and Brunant are both members of the International Wiki Organisation and both attended the Wikistad Conference in 1902. In the past, the royal families of both countries practiced royal intermarriage. Adrian II for example fathered both Ambroos I of Brunant and Martin I of Libertas. Martin then married Ambroos' daughter Helena.

Brunant and Libertas have cooperated on economic issues, but also on the fields of culture, education, sports and tourism. They are both founding members of the IWO and share a long and mutual relationship. Traditionally, the newly-elected president of Libertas (a function now abolished) visited Brunant on his or her first foreign trip.

The Libertan embassy in Brunant is located at Varne Street 8 in the Business District of Koningstad. The current ambassador is Michiel Molenaar.

The Brunanter embassy in Libertas is located at Zeeweg 7 in the Middelburg district of Wikistad. The current ambassador is Hans Diedriks.

Libertas also has a Consulate General in Grijzestad at 4 Adrian I Street in Old Town Grijzestad.

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