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Lion Group S.A. is a Brunanter financial corporation primarily focused on insurance services. Its main subsidiary, Lion Insurance, is the largest insurance company in Brunant, just ahead of rivals MAPFRE and Ingène. Lyon Group is a majority-owned subsidiary of the Mathers Financial Group.


Lion Group was formed in 1999 from the merger of Lion Insurance with other financial businesses. Lion Insurance was formed in 1955. Lion provides vehicle, home and extended health insurance (including travel insurance).

Lion InsuranceEdit

Lion Insurance is there to assist its clients will full protection and coverage on their person, vehicles and property, as well as for health.

  • Extended Health coverage: as Brunant's national insurance only has limited coverage for 15 days outside the country, Lion offers extended coverage for most medical needs, be it standard check-ps or more serious medical emergencies.

Lion FinancialEdit

Lion Financial is a subsidiary of Lion Group focusing on financial investments.


82% of Lion Group falls under the control of Mathers Financial. The rest of shares (18%) is owned by a variety of entities, totaling around 23 persons and businesses.

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