Queen Helene at Armistice Day ceremonies

Queen Helene

The King or Queen of Brunant, depending on the gender of the reigning monarch, is the the head of state of the Kingdom of Brunant. The current monarch is Queen Helene, who assumed the throne in September 2013. The list of kings and queens begins with Leuvis Van Damme, who held the office of President of the Brunanter Republic before his crowning in 1475, officially abolishing the Republic.

A condition to be included in the list of Brunanter monarchs is a coronation, which makes the kingship legal. Therefore, pretenders and disputed monarchs are not included in the list. Most monarchs are remembered by their regnal number, but Leuvis Van Damme, Karl Van Draak and Maria Amalia of Brunant are known by their epithet.

The heir to the throne is styled Duke of Middleton, a position currently held by Princess Marianne, the eldest child of the reigning monarch.

Official dutiesEdit

The Queen's duties are of a largely representative and ceremonial nature. The Queen appoints Prime Ministers to congress, officially open its sessions and signs bills to declare them law. She may veto laws if they are not in the best interests of the nation, though this is rare and does not happen. She pays state visits abroad and receives those to Brunant, opens the congress on its first session, regularly meets with the prime minister and cabinet to discuss politics and receives letters of credence of foreign ambassadors to Brunant and signs those of Brunant to foreign nations.

As head of the armed forces, she has the right to declare war and make peace (with the consent of the Congress), and she may, at any moment, dismiss the Prime Minister if a situation were to arise where they are not acting in the best interests of the nation, though this has yet to happen.

The queen may pardon criminals after their sentence has passed, though this is done on the recommendation of the Department of Justice. The queen is also free to award medals to and admit to orders anyone who has faithfully achieved something in order to be awarded it.


The Queen has a number of very formal titles used since the early days of the monarchy and expanded or acquired since. These titles have only historical significance and are not actively claimed by the monarchy, though they have never formally been renounced. Historically the monarchy has claimed the Duchy of Escalona (in Toledo, Spain), County of Barzona (Central and western Brunant), County of Fermina (Isla Fermina, Traspes), the County of Narvas (Rose Island), the Lordship of San Esteban (San Esteban Island) and Lordship of Isabela (Isabela, Traspes) but has not pressed those claims in many centuries. She is also Marquise of Pabella since 2013 due to the extinction of the last heirs of one of the commanders in the Conquest of Brunant. Thus, she would officially be known as:

Her Majesty Helene, Queen of Brunant, Duchess of Escalona, Marquise of Pabella, Countess of Barzona, Isla Fermina and Narvas, Baroness Van Damme, Lady of Isabela and San Esteban.


House of Van DammeEdit

Image Name Lifespan Reign Consort(s) Signature
Leuvis Van Damme Leuvis Van Damme
The Weak
English: Louis I
ca. March 1427 - 17 September 1503 1 August 1475 - 17 September 1503 Caroline Koch
Leuvis I signature
Leuvis II Leuvis II
English: Louis II
5 May 1470 - 11 October 1533 17 September 1503 - 11 October 1533 Margaret of Cleves
Amalia of Viseu
Leuvis II signature
Anders I Anders I
English: Andrew I
10 January 1502 - 5 March 1578 11 October 1533 - 5 March 1578 Clarissa d'Aragona
Anders I signature
Willem I Willem I
English: William I
18 July 1532 - 18 April 1611 5 March 1578 - 18 April 1611 Maria of Portugal
Anna Elisabeth Van Neyt
Maria Cristina de Figueroa
Willem I signature
Adrian I Adrian I
Dutch: Adriaan I
2 June 1580 - 24 November 1649 18 April 1611 - 24 November 1649 Philippa of Saxony
Francesca de' Medici
Adrian I signature
Willem II Willem II
English: William II
18 February 1603 - 17 June 1663 24 November 1649 - 17 June 1663 Catharina of Libertas
Willem II signature
Maria Amalia of Brunant Maria Amalia
The Six-Day Queen
26 February 1647 - 5 December 1703 17 June 1663 - 24 June 1663

House of Van DraakEdit

Picture Monarch Life Reign Consort(s) Signature
Karl Van Draak Karl Van Draak
Carlos Pacheco de Escalona
1631-1709 1663-1709 Isabella of Parma Karl I signature
Marten I Marten I 1665-1744 1709-1744 Alexandra of Brandenburg,
Louise of France,
Martine van Neyt
Martin I signature
Pieter I Pieter I 1701-1787 1744-1784 Maria Amalia of Hesse-Kassel,
Matilde d'Este
Pieter I signature
Adrian II Adrian II 1733-1807 1784-1800 Enriqueta Maria de Quindos y Reynoso,
Anna of Libertas
Adrian II signature
Ambroos I Ambroos I 1762-1823 1800-1823 Caroline of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld Ambroos signature
Cristian I Cristian I 1787-1859 1823-1859 Maria Francesca of Two-Sicilies
Johan I Johan I 1827-1894 1859-1881 Caroline of Schleswig-Holstein
Pieter II Pieter II 1860-1913 1881-1913 Sophie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Pieter II's signature
Johan II Johan II 1881-1967 1913-1967 Maria Benedita of Braganza Johan II's signature
Marten II Marten II 1923-2011 1967-2011 Alexandra Ilava
Anthony I Anthony I 1951-2018 2011-2013 Adriana Rojas,
Lindsay Mansell
Queen Helene Helene 1990-present 2013-date Bernd Donia Queen Helene signature

Line of successionEdit

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