Martin Carbonell

Martin Carbonell in 2013

Martin David Carbonell (5 July 1938 in Rosetown) is a Brunanter film and television actor. He first gained fame for his roles in Pickpocket (1964) and the TV series Agent Berlin (1967-1971). Carbonell, however, is best known for his roles in a series of romantic drama films, including The Last Night (1973), Pointless (1976), Behind the Smile (1976), All Aboard (1978) and Olga (1979). The later two earned Carbonell the Barker Award for Best Actor, making him the only actor who has won this award in two consecutive years. He is married to scientist Elisabeth Kaufman, a great-granddaughter of King Johan I. He won the Rosetown Film Festival 2020 (Best Actor) for his performance as the great conman Stephen van Zahring in The Ruski Rogue. He then played as King Adrian II in the English historic series, Direction: Emperor Ambroos's Tale.

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