Martin Joeri Holten (born 1986) is a Brunanter businessman and member of the Holten family. He is the son of Cristian Holten and one of the heirs to the Holten fortune.

Martin was a student at Sint-Genis College and one year at Collegio Champagnat Santa Clara, where he excelled at fencing. He practices fencing frequently, often with friends Yousef Marzouk and Prince Bernd, from his college days. He studied business at the University of Ghent, and works with his father in managing several key businesses.

Martin married British-born actress and dancer Gemma Robinson-Catelli and they have three children: Robin (2014), Ines (2015) and Joeri (2018). His family is fairly close to that of Queen Helene and Prince Bernd and their children are friends. He organized the price's stag party.