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Company Type Retail
Founded 1793 (as Philips and Neihorster), 1911 (as Maxi Group SA)
Headquarters 1 Van der Holdtstraat, Sint-Genis, Grijzestad
3 Van Horne Avenue, Business District, Koningstad
Owners Philips family (18,5%), Niehorster family (15,5%) Mounir family (40%), 26% (various)
Subsidiaries Various

Maxi Group is a Brunanter-based multinational retail conglomerate founded in 1793. It is known mainly for its supermarkets and the Angora department stores, but it also owns various other small companies in retail. It is headquartered at 1 Van der Holdtstraat in Sint-Genis (Grijzestad), though it also has offices in Business District, Koningstad.


Maxi was founded in 1793 (June 1st according to company lore) as Philips and Neihorster when baker John Philips and butcher Albert Niehorster combined their operations to save costs. P&N operated until 1911 with three grocery stores in Hogeberg Island. That year it changed its name to Maxi, and greatly expanded operations. In 1963 it acquired the Angora department stores.

Maxi Group went abroad in the 2000s, opening Maxi Supermarkets in Libertas at the start of the decade and later taking Super 5 in Lovia and Mertego in Mäöres to become the largest supermarket chain in the IWO. In 2006, Maxi took over Mercados Uno in Traspes for nearly 19 million euros.



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Maxi is the group's prinicipal company, a large supermarket chain. Maxis can be found in Brunant, Lovia, Libertas and Mäöres and are among the largest chains in their countries. Maxi supermarkets also operate Maxibank, a joint operation with SD Bank and some may have a Maxifuel filling station as well.


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Angora is a large department store chain present in Brunant. Angora has been largely successful within the country, but attempts at expansion elsewhere were not successful.


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Marketfresh is a gourmet market chain, founded in 1979 and now owned by Maxi. This chain is rather small and focuses on organic, natural and gourmet products not regularly found in Maxi supermarkets. Marketfresh expanded to Lovia in 2012.


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Mercados Uno is Traspes-based supermarket chain, existing since the 1950s. Uno is the largest such company in the country and was taken over by Maxi in 2006. Uno is also present in Kemburg.


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Galleria is a Lovian department-store chain, considered a counterpart to Angora. Galleria was founded in 1978 though it suffered financially from the 1990s on, prompting a Maxi Group takeover in 2009. Galleria operates six stores in Lovia.

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Maxi has a very high public image and is recognized abroad as on of Brunant's best companies. Maxi Group is a sponsor of several charities, and currently of football champions Mediterranean FC.

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