The El-Mounir family is a wealthy family of Qatari-Brunanter origins with massive investments in sports, businesses and real estate, through holding firm Q Group, S.A. They are among some of the country's wealthiest and high-profile citizens.

The family came to Brunant in the late 1960s when Qatari millionnaire Abdullah El-Mounir came to Brunant to find investment opportunities. Marrying a Jordanian-Brunanter, he settled down and became a large investor in the expanding Maxi Group.

He had two children with his wife, Mina (a financial consultant with LBS Bank) and Hamid. In the 2000s the family stepped up their investments by entering real estate in Brunant. 2004 saw them invest in the project for the tall office building The Spire, the largest construction ever undertaken in Brunant. In 2008 they bought football club Dortmund SFC, transforming it into a powerhouse team due to their investment.

Abdullah died in 2010, leaving his children to manage the family affairs. Presently the family's wealth is valued at around €1.4 billion to €2.1 billion.

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