Neyt and koch kiss in My Boss' Daughter

The famous kissing scene

My Boss' Daughter is a 1970 Brunanter comedy film. It stars Anatole Bircamp and Caroline Koch and was produced by Studio 5.


Philip (Alexander Neyt) is a young office worker with lots of potential, but a source of constant embarrassment for his boss, Hans (Anatole Bircamp). His relationship with young Philip is good until the day he meets his daughter, Penelope (Caroline Koch). Their relationship causes him further stress on his job, his buddies at the club mock him about his son-in-law and he can not bear to stand it. He devises a plan to split them up, but everything just seems to backfire. In the end, he gives up and lets them be together.

Production and receptionEdit

The film was released in Dutch on 21 October 1970 and in English on 22 October. It was a very popular film, the fourth highest grossing film of the year.

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