Arts Building

The Arts Building

Newtown is a modern neighborhood of Koningstad. It is designed to be eco-friendly and full of tall towers. The newstown area saw limited development in the 1970s and 1980s but was remodeled under a new plan in the late 1990s, seeing the construction of mostly modern buildings.

A new international airport, Koningstad International Airport, is located just south of here due to the former transportation difficulties of traveling to VDIA. Newtown is expected to lure businesses here for the eco-friendly buildings; the businesses move in to an eco-friendly building to strengthen their reputation. Many of Newtown's buildings are innovative and unique in design, with a large proportion of sleek modern buildings. Furthering the quarter's innovation, a charging station for electric cars was added at the corner of Van Draak Street and West Charles, the first in Brunant.

Neighborhood mapEdit

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Havering Avenue
Arts Building
27 West Charles
4 Van Draak Street
23 West Charles
Van der Ecke Pond National Police
4 Ambroos Street
*2 17 West Charles
17 West Charles
25 West Charles
21 West Charles
19 West Charles
West Charles street sign
Newtown Noodle
24 West Charles
S-train logo
22 West Charles
20 West Charles
West Galleries
18 West Charles
RUK Athletics Center
16 West Charles
3 Van Draak Street
Royal Koningstad Hospital
12 Drenthestraat
18 Drenthestraat
16 Drenthestraat
The Cancer Society
14 Drenthestraat
Plaza Central
30 Drenthestraat
Granovian Embassy
28 Drenthestraat
Acid Drop Music
26 Drenthestraat
24 Drenthestraat
Newtown School
22 Drenthestraat
Autogo logo Verona Coffee
20 Drenthestraat
Team USB
2 Van Draak Street
nOs Media Group
1 Van Draak Street
Rainbow School
2 Ambroos Street
1 Ambroos Street
Vandelet Quay
Dortmund River *3 Dortmund River *4 Dortmund River
Coat of arms Koningstad
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