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Peter Hess in 1976

Peter Valentijn Hess (25 February 1931 - 7 January 2012) was a Brunanter film score composer. Hess had written music for over fourty films, but he is best known for his scores in most of Cristove Vianna's movies.


Hess was born in Roodstad, where he lived for his whole life. He started composing film scores in early 1960s. His first collaboration with Cristove Vianna came in 1969, as he co-wrote the soundtrack for The Magician, with Martin Carlotti. Later on, he wrote the music for Vianna's most important films, including Hipnosis (1972), Me, You and Him (1974) and 20 Hours (1976).

The 1980s is considered Hess' most productive period, composing the music for movies by Paul-Jan Seelaar (Ecstasy, Crossroads, Catastrophe), Abe Costello (Dr. Le and his Women, Angela and Clara) and many other minor filmmakers.

Progressively, Hess wrote fewer and fewer film scores, mainly due to eyesight problems; he completed four soundtracks in the '90s and only one in '00s. In 2007, Hess officially retired, as he was completely blind. He died from peritonitis in 2012.

Selected film scores[]