Piano Concerto No. 4 (Wolf Castle) is a classical piano concerto written by Brunanter writer and musician Emmanuel Berger. He published the music in 1834 and gave concerts in the fall of that year. The piece influenced him to write his novel Wolf Castle, and is undoubtedly his most famous work

The piece is split into three parts:

  1. Andante molto mosso
  2. Marcia moderato
  3. Allegretto con brio


Berger revised his Piano Concerto in 1835, which is the version most performed. He had hoped to have French pianist Henri Bertini, who he admired, to debut the piece, but he was unwilling to come to Brunant and Berger played it himself. The piece was included on the album series The Great Composers.

Macros versionEdit

Wolf Castle
Wolf Castle (Macros)
Song by Macros
Released 1977
Producer 80 Records (Stereophone)
Chart performance 10

Libertan disco duo Macros released a disco version of "Wolf Castle" in May 1977. It was a successful song in Libertas, reaching number three in the charts there in the summer. It also became a hit in Brunant, reaching number 10.

Wolf Castle was originally released by 80 Records in Libertas, as a 45 rpm single (4:15 short version and 5:00 long), and as a 12-inch extended disco mix (8:17 long backed with a 5:50 instrumental mix). It was available on the Macros album later that year in its original 45 rpm length. In Brunant it was released by Stereophone Records under license, using the 80 Records label.

An "Italo-Remix" of the song was re-released in 1982, remix by G. Seppe.

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