This article lists all political parties in Brunant. Brunant has a multi-party system; seven parties have seats in Congress. Due to the amount of parties receiving substantial support, it is next to impossible for one party to achieve a majority in either house of Congress, so coalitions are made between the various political parties, which usually includes either the Christian Democratic Union or the Social Democratic Party (or both), the two largest parties.

Like many European countries, Brunant has a high amount of small, regional and radical parties.

History of political partiesEdit

Political parties first sprung up in the mid-1850s as part of the democratic reforms under King Cristian I. Initially they were more like formal political coalitions than parties, only being cemented as such following the Liberal Revolution in 1881.

The two big parties from the 1850s to the mid-20th century were the Liberal Party and the White Party. Both dominated the political sphere until the 1930s and remained significant until their demises or reforms after World War II.

Political parties in CongressEdit

Name Logo Founded Ideology Leader Reps Sens Mun
Social Democrats
SD Social Democrats logo 1930 Social democracy Pieter Van Buskirk 17 3 57
Christian Democratic Union
Christen-Democratische Unie
CDU CDU logo 1945 Christian democracy Adrian Vandreck 16 3 67
ECO17 ECO17 logo 2017 Ecologism Warren Sheraldin 14 2 36
Socialist Left Party
Socialistische Partij
SP SLP logo 1953 Socialism Oliver Hewton 13 2 30
Brunant Conservatives
Conservatieven van Brunant
CvB Brunant Conservatives logo 2007 Far-right politics
Sofia Andersen 12 1 21
Free Liberal Party
Vrije Liberale Partij
FLP FLP logo 1883 Classical liberalism Eric Peitersson 12 1 50
Yes to the Future
Sí a eu futur
YES Yes to the Future logo 2016 Alternative politics
Anti-austerity republicanism
none 5 0 27
A Better Brunant
Een Betere Brunant
ABB A Better Brunant logo 2011 Centrism Avaline Porter 3 0 23
Social Anarchy Party
Sociaaal-Anarchiste Partij
SAP Social Anarchy Party logo 1978 Anarchist
Charlotte Ryberg 3 0 1
P70 P70-Links logo 1970 Far-left politics
Edward Heyneman 2 0 5
Brunanter People's Party
Brunanter Volkspartij
BPP BPP logo 2010 National conservatism
Right-wing populism
Wilhelm Gent 2 0 3
Transparent and Direct
Transparant en Direct
TRAD Transparent and Direct logo 2018 Centrism
John Markovic 1 0 1

Political parties in municipal councilsEdit

Name Logo Founded Ideology Leader Mun
Coalition LOCAL LOC Coalition LOCAL 2017 Local/devolved rights none 2

Other political partiesEdit

Name Logo Founded Ideology Leader
Partide Familia Barzuna
Barzuna Family Party
PFB/BFP PFB logo 1981 Regional Barzuna politics
Family values
Maria Franza
Pirate Party
PP Pirate Party logo 2013 Pirate politics Edward Orr

Former political partiesEdit

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Name Logo Ideology Years active Notes
Communist Front/Party
Communistisch Front/Partij
CF/CP Communist Front logo Communism 1919-1953 Dissolved
Front For Freedom
Vereniging Voor Vrijheid
FFF/VVV Front For Freedom logo Right-libertarianism 1991-2010 Merged into FLP
National Union
Nationale Unie
NU National Union logo Right-wing nationalism 1967-2017 Merged into CvB
Christian Communist Party
Christelijke Communistische Partij
CCP Christian Communist Party logo Christian communism 2012-2017 Dissolved
Green Party
Groene Partij
GP Green Party logo Ecologism 1999-2018 Dissolved
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