Prince Wilhelm

Prince Wilhelm

Wilhelm David van Draak (born 4 August 1959) is a Brunanter prince. He is the youngest child of King Marten II and Queen Aleksandra. Wilhelm is a brother of former King King Anthony and an uncle of Queen Helene.


Early lifeEdit

Prince Wilhelm was born in Donderstad to King Marten II and Aleksandra Ilava on 4 August 1959. His godparents are his maternal grandparents, Lovian carpenter Zledin Ilava and his wife Anica Ský, his aunt Princess Angela and the King of Cettatie, Jean-Louis of Cettatie.

He was an excellent student at school (Ambrosian College) and wanted to become a doctor. He studied at Johns Hopkins University in the United States and eventually became a doctor.

Marriage and childrenEdit

On 19 September 1990, he married Leonore Kristen Birkeland (born 25 June 1968 in Wikiborg), an Insel television reporter, in a religious ceremony in Wikiborg, Inselöarna. Initially, there were some issues between Wilhelm and his mother over his choice of bride, but they were never very big. Leonore is a daughter of Norwegian-born doctor Anders Birkeland and his Insel wife Katarina Tegling.

Prince Wilhelm and Princess Leonore have three kids together:

They currently live at Huis ten Bergen near Donderstad with their youngest child, Princess Brigitte.