R.S. Drenthe
R.S. Drenthe
Career Naval ensign Brunant
Name R.S. Drenthe
Namesake Drenthe
Builder Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft
and others
Launched 1971
Commissioned 1973
Homeport Sint-Hendrikstad
Honours and awards Participated in:
Burenian invasion of Lovia
Status Active
General characterstics
Class and type Type 209 submarine
Length 64.4 m
Complement 36
Armament 8 × 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes
14 torpedoes
UGM-84 Harpoon integration

R.S. Drenthe is a Type 209 diesel-electric attack submarine in the Brunanter Royal Navy. Drenthe was originally a Greek submarine before being commissioned in the Royal Navy in 1977. She has been based at the Drenthe Naval Base in Sint-Hendrikstad since then.


Drenthe was built in Germany as the fifth Glavkos-class Type 209 submarine for the Hellenic Navy of Greece, but was cancelled during the construction phase. The Brunanter government eventually decided to purchase the submarine, knowing this would be cheaper than ordering a new one, which was being considered in 1972. Drenthe was completed in 1973 and set sail for Brunant in the summer.

In May 1977, Drenthe suffered a fire in the control room, which saw her be hauled back her home port for repairs. In 1988, she was sent to Kiel, Germany for retrofitting, but suffered engine problems and spent nearly a day without power off the coast of Denmark before being back underway. The patrol boat Mariaberg was later sent to tow her back to Brunant.

Drenthe underwent repairs again in April 2006. She put out for the last time in the fall of 2011, sailing to France, but due to costs, she has since been kept at port. In 2017, the Navy began to look for potential buyers of the submarine.

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