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Robert Helms
Robert Helms.jpg
35th Prime Minister of Brunant
In office
Preceded by Frederic Darnley
Succeded by Peter Wostor
Personal information
Full name Robert Helms
Born 9 May 1973
Carrington, Carrington Parish
Height 1,91 m (6'3 ft)
Residence Carrington, Carrington Parish
Party Free Liberal Party

Robert Helms (born 7 May 1973) is a Brunanter politician, a member of the Free Liberal Party and the former Prime Minister of Brunant from 2009-2012 before his resignation. He represented the Centre Democrats, however, decided to resign from his position in order to move to a political party that had a clearer ideology. He is a Roman Catholic and regularly attends church, whilst not on political duty.


Born in Brunant's national capital Koningstad on 7 May 1973, he currently holds the title of the youngest Prime Minister. A former member of the Centre Democrats, he joined the Free Liberal Party after his resignation as Prime Minister in 2012. He currently stands as a Catholic social democratic and is a House of Representatives member for Adams Parish.

Political views[]

  • Taxation on the percentage of yearly income, depending on life styles and current situations.
  • Must support a stable welfare state, help those who want to help themselves. Have a time limit and based on their current situation.
  • Keep the Church out of public affairs, but keep it close to the heart.
  • Keep the corporation tax at a minimum.
  • Supports a gun control, but not a complete ban.
  • Keep a Do not ask, do not tell policy for the Royal Guard.
  • Does not support civil unions, nor marriage for the gay community.
  • Supports working with the United Nations and sending forces to help in peacekeeping missions.
  • Does not support abortion.
  • Does not support the use of the euro.