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Robert Steiner (born October 19, 1950) is a Brunanter actor, director and producer. With a career spanning forty years, Steiner has participated in almost thirty films, mostly dramas and crime films. For his contribution to the Brunanter cinema, Steiner was awarded the Medal for Arts and Letters in 2004.

Steiner has collaborated with acclaimed directors like Cristove Vianna, Antoni Wisnowski, Paul Riesner and Diederick Kluijskens. He is the only one who has won twice the Barker Award for Best Actor (1976 - 20 Hours, 1983 - The Wolf) and Barker Award for Best Director (2011 - Karen Haig) at the Rosetown Film Festival. Steiner has also been praised for his performance in films like A Last Fraud (1978), The Uncorrupted (1986) and Tales behind the Bars (1990).

Early lifeEdit

Robert Steiner was born in Donderstad, the second child of Anton Steiner and Katrijn Abelen. His father was an accountant in Isolabella, the well-known vlierdrank company. Steiner had a rather unruly behaviour as a student and he was expelled from his school in 1967. As a result, he got by on whatever employment he could find. Steiner spent time working as a waiter, a porter, a secretary and a sales clerk, until moving to Koningstad in 1970.


At the capital, Steiner was seen by a talent scout and played in various films. His role as Leo Evered in The Trigger (1974) was critically acclaimed and as a result, he was approached by Cristove Vianna. Steiner's performance in Vianna's masterpiece 20 Hours (1976) earned him the Barker Award for Best Actor in the Rosetown Film Festival. Later on, he starred in Vianna's Little Black Book (1977), which met with largely negative reviews. It is said that Vianna made a pass at Steiner and that's why he never played in any of his subsequent films.

In 1978 he earned a nomination for the Best Actor Barker Award for his role in A Last Fraud and established himself with the successful film The Crimson Blouse (1980), as a co-star of Maria Allard. Steiner portrayed Titus Fluiter and Tom Danen in the iconic The Wolf (1983), winning the Barker Award for Best Actor. He was once more nominated for this Award in 1986, after starring in The Uncorrupted. Then followed a string of box office failures in the late 1980s.

During the 90's, Steiner played in five quite succesful films, being nominated for the Barker Award for Best Actor for his role in Bloody Daisies (1990). He also experimented with different film genres, as he played in a comedy (Holy Treasure - 1992) and a thriller (Three Days and Nights - 1998). In 2001, Steiner made his directorial debut, but his film Hotal Room 36 received poor reviews. Ten years later, however, Karen Haig met with outstanding reviews, winning two awards at the Rosetown Film Festival.

Personal lifeEdit


As actorEdit

Year Title Role Notes
1971 Hello, Goodbye Man in the park Film debut
1972 The Broken Plate Pieter
1974 Key John Elmer
The Trigger Leo Evered The film was shown out of competition in the Rosetown Film Festival and is considered Steiner's first important film
1976 20 Hours Man Won - Barker Award for Best Actor
1977 Little Black Book Bernard Steiner's second and last film with Cristove Vianna
Problems Henry Foss
1978 A Last Fraud Claud Darby Nominated - Barker Award for Best Actor
1980 The Crimson Blouse Sergeant
Fog in the Streets Marc van Allen
1981 The Smiling Teacher Willem
1983 The Wolf Titus Fluiter/Tom Danen Won - Barker Award for Best Actor
1984 Anger Gilbert Baasch
1985 Don't Forget the Sergeant Sgt. Brummel Also co-producer
1986 The Uncorrupted Gerben van Eyck Nominated - Barker Award for Best Actor
1988 Dirty Hands Harry Creighton Also co-producer
The Yellow Berbia Andrew McCallion
Sonant Shot Jurgen de Groot
1989 Flash of the Gun Alan Virgo Also producer
1990 Tales behind the Bars Frank Dahlmans Also co-producer
Nominated - Barker Award for Best Actor
1991 The Silver Ring Pieter
1992 Holy Treasure Ben Ceelen Steiner's only comedy
1994 The Man with a Thousand Faces Thomas Mullane
Nothing More Mr. Abbley
1999 Three Days and Nights Robin Laufenberg Steiner's only psychological thriller
2002 The Girl with the Scar Matthew Anderson Also producer
2003 Queen of Clubs Edgar
2008-present Police Line Police Chief Mark Steen TV series
2014 57 A.I. Voice only
2014 Hell's Gate Admiral Cristian Parramont

As directorEdit

Year Title Notes
2001 Hotel Room 36 Steiner had also a cameo role
2005 Her Black Hair
2011 Karen Haig Won - Barker Award for Best Film
Won - Barker Award for Best Director
Won - Barker Award for Best Supporting Performer (Michael Adamo Barzetti)
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