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Royal Brunanter Football Association
RBFA logo.png
Formation January 1909
Type Sport federation
Headquarters KoningstadBrunant
Official language DutchEnglish
President Gabriel Fontenoy

The Royal Brunanter Football Association (Dutch: Real Brunanter Voetbalbond), also known as RBFA (Dutch: RBVB), is the governing body of football and futsal in Brunant. It is based in Koningstad, in the Havenstad Building.


The RBFA was founded in January 1909 in Koningstad to oversee amateur football in Brunant, as well as the formation of the national team in 1909. They officially founded the national team in March 1909 though the first players were called up for the first full international in September 1909, a 3-0 loss to England.

In 1910 the RBFA took control of the Association of Football Clubs, and they would organize the pyramid with the First and Second Leagues in the AFC and others directly under the RBFA, including parish-level and semiprofessional clubs. Regional and city leagues are not managed by the RBFA.

Football league system[]

Level League(s)/Division(s)
1 First League 16 clubs
2 Second League 10 clubs
3 Cape Cross League Division One 8 clubs Southern League Division One 8 clubs Western League Division One 8 clubs Hogeberg-Liga Division One 8 clubs
4 Cape Cross League Division Two 8 clubs Southern League Division Two 8 clubs Western League Division Two 8 clubs Hogeberg-Liga Division Two 8 clubs
5 Cape Cross League Division Three 8 clubs Southern League Division Three 7 clubs Western League Division Three 8 clubs Hogeberg-Liga Division Three 6 clubs
6 Cape Cross League Division Four 5 clubs Western League Division Four 6 clubs

Competitions and teams managed[]