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The Wikination Self-Defense Association (SEDEF) is a multinational military and defense organization. SEDEF was founded in January 1980 by the Treaty of Finskeby, but the organization only came into full operation in 2006. SEDEF is not a belligerent organization, but it exists to coordinate activity between member states, improves cooperation and assistance. SEDEF is headquartered near Koningstad (Castramont) and has regional offices in larger member states such as in Traspes and Libertas.

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SEDEF organizational chart

SEDEF is headquartered in Castramont at the SEDEF headquarters. From there on, units are divided into four command areas, two naval and two land. These are:

  • Naval Forces Command—West: Basis Oost (Libertas)
  • Land Forces Command–South: Base de Elcer (Traspes)
  • Land Forces Command–Centre: Helmond Military Base (Brunant)
  • Naval Forces Command–North: Kroneby (Strasland)

SEDEF also has two regional offices:

Fast Response CorpsEdit

SEDEF has a high readiness and peacekeeping force that may be deployed to areas in conflict to maintain peace and order. This unit comprises troops from several nations, including Brunant, for a total of 540 troops. It is based at Helmond Military Base.

They include:

  • The 5th Light Infantry Company "Eridanus" (250 troops)


A council for the association was set up in early 2016, comprising one plenipotentiary member of each member state, appointed by each government.

The First Secretary to oversee political activities and a Commanding Officer to oversee military activities are selected by council members and will rotate biannually between each member state.

List of First Secretaries:

List of Commanding Officers:



In 2018, it was reported that 17% of Phaluhm people support SEDEF forces. According to a national statistic, Phaluhm citizens show dislike in SEDEF forces as much as the Chinese military. Jorge Wannas and Hortilaz Bisataya hold anti-SEDEF grudges and urged SEDEF to make peace with the Islamic Front as the Phaluhm's governement relationship with China is getting heated due to the multiple disputes in the South China Sea in the Spratly and Paracel Islands.

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