Main building

The SEDEF headquarters is the headquarters of SEDEF in Castramont, Brunant. The buildings comprising the headquarters were built from 2006 to 2008.

The complex is home to the political and military offices of the organization, with the main armed units based on Helmond Military Base. The headquarters is served by the Castramont Station.


SEDEF was formally implemented in 2006, and construction on a headquarters began that year. The main SEDEF building was completed in 2008 following two years of work.

Visiting SEDEFEdit

Limited guided tours are available for people to visit SEDEF HQ. Tours are held Friday through Sunday, 10:00 to 16:00, with two English-language and two Dutch-language tours.

Guidelines for visiting:

  • Limited parking for private vehicles exists outside the secure zone, so carpooling is suggested. Parking is limited for the duration of the tour.
  • Personal identification is required to visit SEDEF. One piece of central government issued identification is required for SEDEF-nation visitors, and two from other nations.
  • All tours are guided and visitors are not to stray from the tour. Areas outside the tour zones will be closed off or require access passes.
  • No smoking is permitted other than in the designated smoking zones (time permitting)


  • From Koningstad: A1 south to exit 7 Castramont/Belcava, onto route N-16 Castramont
  • From Sint-Willemstad: A1 north to exit 7 Castramont/Belcava, onto route N-16 Castramont
  • Transit: From Castramont Station, but to Castramont/SEDEF (passes every 45 minutes)


6656 Castramont