Tania Riesberg

Tania Riesberg (2009)

Tania Riesberg (born 1985, Koningstad) is a Brunanter correspondent for BBN's News Brunant. She is an illegitimate daughter of King Anthony I.


Early life and familyEdit

Riesberg was born in 1985 to Ana Aguirre, a Spanish employee at SD Bank and Crown Prince Anthony. Her parents had fallen in love and lived together for some time before splitting up in 1986. They moved to Spain shortly after, though Antony continued to provide for the family. Tania grew up with her mother and did not know about her father until the late 1990s. Her paternity was not disclosed as to maintain it a secret and protect the child but was revealed by the press in 1999.

Riesberg will not be able to claim any right to the Brunanter throne or inclusion in the royal family, as she was born to unmarried parents. As a confirmed daughter of Kign Anthony, she will inherit up to 25% of his fortune should he die.


Riesberg studied journalism in Madrid but ended up quitting to join the Spanish Army; she was sent to Afghanistan in 2005 and was discharged in 2008. She joined the Brunanter Broadcasting Network in 2009 and was their fashion correspondant for a while, before becoming the MENA reporter for News Brunant. In that capacity she has returned to Afghanistan twice, and has also reported from Iraq, Turkey, Egypt and Libya.

Marriage and familyEdit

Riesberg was married in June 2009 to Carl Riesberg. They have a daughter, Nicole.

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