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Founded 28 November, 1995
Headquarters Dial Tower, 4 Van Horne Av. Koningstad[1]
Owners Various is a multinational wireless provider operating in various countries worldwide. Founded in 1995, it is one of the most prominent Brunanter-based companies globally. operates in Brunant, Lovia, Malta and Spain.

History Edit was founded in 1995 as TeleLovia, the first mobile phone company in Lovia. TeleLovia went near-bankrupt in 2008 and was taken over by a Lovian-Brunanter consortium based in Koningstad. Under the new owners, the company was completely reorganized and given a modern, youthful rebranding. With it's new name and catchy slogans such as "what will you" (as well as using the website, they began to appeal to younger generation. expanded its network and service quality during this period. In 2010 expanded to Lovia as the third mobile operator in the country (after Telecell and Verizon Wireless). began operating in Malta and later Cettatie in 2011. Presently operates in Brunant, Lovia, Malta and Cettatie.


  • basic: 500 minutes, 200 sms texts, 500mb internet - 10€
  • ultra: 1000 minues, unlimited sms, 500mb internet - 19€
  • ultimate: unlimited minutes, unlimited sms, 3mb internet - 28€
  • ultimate+: unlimited minutes, unlimited sms, 3mb internet, 500mb internet abroad (Spain & Portugal)
  • 1mb internet add-on - 5€

Pay on the goEdit

  • start: 300 minutes - 7€
  • start+: 500 minutes - 11€
  • 1mb internet - 5,50€
  • 100 sms - 1€


  1.'s global headquarter is located in Koningstad, but it has offices in Lovia too.

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