The Crimson Blouse
Film information
Genre Drama
Directed by Michael Maybury
Produced by Willem Gronsveld
Arjen Hulsman-Johnson
Written by Damian Leigh
Johan Severijn
Starring Maria Allard
Robert Steiner
Music by John Bellwood
Studio Cactus Pictures
Release date(s) 1980
Running time 93 minutes
Country Brunant
Language English

The Crimson Blouse is a 1980 Brunanter drama film, directed by Michael Maybury and written by Damian Leigh and Johan Severijn. It starred Maria Allard and Robert Steiner. Perhaps the most celebrated independent film of Brunanter cinema, The Crimson Blouse was critically and commercially acclaimed, winning several awards at the Rosetown Film Festival.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A young sergeant of the Royal Guard (Robert Steiner) and a prostitute (Maria Allard) get married after a brief passionate idyll. Very soon, however, the influence of their environment strains their relationship, mainly because of the woman's occupation. The petit bourgeois environment, the lumpen elements, the social fringes and petty interests stifle the young couple, which appears to want to rebel, but doesn't succeed.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

The film continues to be among the finest independent films released in Brunant. It was released to DVD in 2011.

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