The Network trailer

The Network trailer

The Network is a Brunanter 1997 war drama set during the German occupation of Brunant in 1941. It is based on the escape of a downed British airman and the network of resistance members who helped him. The film was produced by Studio 5.

Background Edit

The Network is based on RAF pilot Geoffrey Downs. Downs' plane was shot down over Cape Cross and he went through several "adventures" before being smuggled out of Brunant in 1943.

Plot Edit

April 7, 1943. Pilot Geoffrey Downs, flying a solo reconnaissance mission over Brunant is shot down over Cape Cross. The injured pilot is rescued and housed by a family, but the Nazis quickly find out. The house is raided, Downs is arrested and the family are killed for being "Bolshevik collaborators".

April 16, 1943. Downs is being kept in a prison in Koningstad. He has faced countless interrogations and many hours of torture, with the Germans believing he is a spy and has valuable information. Meanwhile the Underground Revolution gets word of his and led by Johan Vaderkamp, hatch a plan to free him.

May 3, 1943. The UR finally launch an operation to rescue Downs. After an intense battle where numerous Germans and Brunanters are killed, they are able to rescue him. With Nazi troops on high alert and on the hunt, they cannot risk trying to flee and instead Johan takes him to a safehouse where he will stay. Downs is made to keep as quiet as possible to prevent his detection, but with limited food available days go by without him eating, but he always knows that someone will be there to bring him food.

June 5, 1943. One week has gone by without being supplied, then two and now Downs is weakened and worried. It is soon revealed that the man supposed to bring him food had been captured by the Nazis; interrogated by ruthless Colonel Hans Baumann, he has revealed where the pilot is being held. The nazis send a squad of soldiers during the night and Downs is forced to go outside and hang from the balcony as the soldiers tear apart the apartment. With news of the raid being brought to the UR, Johan (dressed as a mailman) goes to smuggle Downs out of the apartment and later sends him to other resistance members in Niesburg.

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