The Ruski Rogue (film) is a 2020 Brunanter-Parker crime thriller/drama film directed by Homer Van Roodhuid, who also wrote the screenplay. The film was produced and sponsored by the Europa Films and the Bèla Films

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The film describes the life of the conman and the Crimehero, Stephen van Zahring and the efforts of the Wikinations' secret agencies to catch him. The main allies of Stephen are John Watson, PM of Brunant and Viceroy Jean-Jacques Clérisseau. The film also deals with his entry into Brunanter nobility and his marriage with Anna van Roodhuid.

The film was controversial for Homer, as he was a relative of Anna. The House Zahringer called him a "sold noble".

The film was quite well-received. Martin Carbonell won the Award for Best Actor at the 2020 Rosetown Film Festival for his portrayal of the main antagonist Stephen van Zahring.

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